Smartgrow brings you closer to nature

Combining fish and plants into one system – and bringing that system indoors – is a major step toward reconnecting people with nature and enhancing well-being for all the senses which is why we founded Smartgrow in the first place.

Natural elements enhance well-being and bring to life all interior spaces. People are more creative and proactive in a comfortable environment. With the calming effects of nature, the ability to concentrate and be productive increases, as well.

Smartgrow Indoor Garden enhances well-being in the care industry, helps employees enjoy and connect with their work environment, freshens up public spaces and offers meaningful learning opportunities to your students in schools. All around – Smartgrow Indoor Garden is a versatile and smart investment.

Grow edible or decorative plants according to your taste…

  • No watering, no fertilizing

  • No soil, no weeds
  • Low-maintenance, self-cleaning aquarium

…Or let Smartgrow Service handle everything so you can concentrate on enjoying the benefits of nature.

Connect to nature with all your senses

A fresh, bright and restorative element – flowing, living and lush

The pleasing fragrance of herbs and flowers

The gentle and calming flow of water

Organic ingredients – incredibly local food

A physical connection to nature – plant, grow and nurture your ecosystem

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